moody mood board (march)

It’s not Monday, it’s not the last week of the month so this mood board falls into the moody category of posts. The cold weather keeps me inside and under as many blankets as I can find. I know the weather in Atlanta pales in comparison to the Northeast, but nonetheless, it makes me a hermit…especially with Netflix now thrown into the mix. Thank you House of Cards, Parenthood, and Peep Show–you helped me through these winter months. This weekend, the sun shine is out, the weather is warmer and people of Atlanta are out and about. Here are some moods for the start of warmer times ahead.

moody mood board

1 // justin’s hazelnut butter: omg. this stuff is healthier, more delicious, and naturally pricier than nutella–have a spoon ready.

2 // my home doesn’t look like this (yet) but spring is right around the corner, this interior is proof!

3 // happy international women’s day to all — men too, closing the gap take you guys too. here’s to all my ladies <3 (we’ll be celebrating all month)

4 // planning my trip to travel with my brother in Ireland, Scotland, and England has been full of beautiful imagery. also realized that i should attempt to gravitate towards beer in preparation…

5 // favorite power couple–this in depth read (there are spoilers!!!)

6 // krog street market : the latest addition to the atlanta food scene / little tart pictured. the nice part of it being so popular is running into friends while you’re getting dinner & drinks (sometimes they help you find a seat too)

monday mood board : december (& november)

It’s Monday. Today, I started a new job, this weekend I moved into a new house, and last week I got a new hair cut. The latter is the least exciting, but needless to say some changes are going on over here.  With a multitude of events on the horizon recently, there hasn’t been too much cooking, baking, or diy-ing going on in mi casa. But fear not, it’s coming back (hopefully in full force for the holiday season). In the mean time, here are a few snap shots into my life as of late. More sweet eats coming soon, I won’t leave you hanging that long again (I promise, Amy)–I’ve missed it on here too.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset       post thanksgiving

{above} pre thanksgiving flowers and apps with my family & post thanksgiving get together with the ladies (mid picture set up w/ Folly)
{below} celebrating being off work with victory

boyz       victory

bellysmoving weekend call for early runs to belly’s
thanks to vcave and post work thaicoon, it was a very pretty monday indeed

work flowers       sushi monday

monday mood board : september

As we entered fall last week, my yoga instructor set the intention for the week to slow down. In a busy season with many birthdays, sporting events (there’s no escaping football season in the South–go dawgs), and upcoming holidays to celebrate, it seems like everything is on fast forward. I haven’t quite found it yet, but this coming month I’m focused on slowing down. These images, ideas, projects, and binge of House of Cards are helping the cause :)

september mood board

1. glitter sparkles even more in black and white

2. crossing paths & crossing seasons with this curving concrete architecture

3. getting in touch with your inner moon

4. a little late in the game, but i finally watched & binged through season 1 of house of cards (and any relating articles)

5. dreaming of fall with this pumpkin & sage ravioli recipe—mmm

6. eat white dirt, insight into an old southern relationship to the earth–don’t you want to find out more? help this artist and friend here.

monday mood board : august

august mood board

August is upon us and winding down. It’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s hard to be outside for long periods of time. Needless to say, I’m enjoying being indoors sipping on some iced coffee (& I hope you are too!) My picks for the month are a little all over the place–as a last hoorah to summer there’s a theme of things light, white, and just a little bit edgy. Hope you’re finding something cool to wind down your summer.

1. a case for celebrating {fake} holidays : to jubilee or not jubilee that is the question

2. an interpretation of the idea to move mountains

3. falling in love with the blog a woman well traveled : who doesn’t want to be that / or be in this space

4. when nature gives you sun, light gives you art

5. pink hair don’t care // since i do care, i think a nice little peak  of pink/ lilac would be a good change for the fall months

6. wood art both practical and fun–all of the creations by Ariele Alasko are truly stunning