i have returned

Did you forget about me? I promise I didn’t. It’s been too many weeks since I’ve been here.  As of late, I’ve been all over the place (really)! From a busy few weeks at work to my boyfriend moving in to traveling for two weeks, this is my first occasion to sit down and really digest it all. Thankfully, adjusting back to life in the real world (with a little wine and melodic guitar solos, thanks D) will do that to you ;)


Left for a two week holiday, as they say on the other side of the globe, beginning with a stay in London.


Hung my feet off the Cliffs of Moher, 700 feet above the roaring ocean. Note: J’s entire legs are off…it felt better to know my calves were on the ground


Drank beer(s) from the original Guinness brewing plant in Dublin.

IMG_2802   IMG_2810

Discovered that the hostel life isn’t for me or my brother–cue frequenting the Temple Bar to ensure a good nights sleep (and really, just live like the Irish)


Found that you need to flash more than your pearly whites to get into the Google’s European headquarters–maybe we’ll come with an actual plan next time (and take a non snapchat picture ourselves, thank you for everything google)


Ate enough savory pies to have a personal competition : chicken, leek, and cheddar from pieman came out on top in my book.


Learned quickly that free wifi is EVERYWHERE in the UK : buses, pubs, cliffs…the sky’s the limit.

no phones were forced to use data during the making of this photo


Ate at the cafe where Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was written. The house is filled with elephant paraphernalia and graffiti covered bathroom stalls–team Malfoy v team Harry, he-who-must-not-be-named, Hermione <3’s Ron 4ever


Learned the real Tom Riddle passed in 1802 and is resting in the Greyfriars graveyard near University of Edinburgh.


Saw and stayed on volcanic lava fields (welcome to Lanzarote) // felt like we were on another planet #lifeonmars

IMG_2903   IMG_2920

Learned that the Kardashians and Lena Dunham can be polarizing topics. But everyone can agree to (all inclusive) daytime pina coladas.


Realized beach volleyball and I will never be a good match. Luckily cheerleaders are always encouraged.


Witnessed 14 consecutive sunny days in the wettest part of the world: Dublin, London & Edinburgh look their best in sunshine.

IMG_2781   IMG_2854

‘Twas a fun, hectic, crisp, and stunning two week excursion! Now I’m back cruisin’ in the ATL.

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