moody mood board (march)

It’s not Monday, it’s not the last week of the month so this mood board falls into the moody category of posts. The cold weather keeps me inside and under as many blankets as I can find. I know the weather in Atlanta pales in comparison to the Northeast, but nonetheless, it makes me a hermit…especially with Netflix now thrown into the mix. Thank you House of Cards, Parenthood, and Peep Show–you helped me through these winter months. This weekend, the sun shine is out, the weather is warmer and people of Atlanta are out and about. Here are some moods for the start of warmer times ahead.

moody mood board

1 // justin’s hazelnut butter: omg. this stuff is healthier, more delicious, and naturally pricier than nutella–have a spoon ready.

2 // my home doesn’t look like this (yet) but spring is right around the corner, this interior is proof!

3 // happy international women’s day to all — men too, closing the gap take you guys too. here’s to all my ladies <3 (we’ll be celebrating all month)

4 // planning my trip to travel with my brother in Ireland, Scotland, and England has been full of beautiful imagery. also realized that i should attempt to gravitate towards beer in preparation…

5 // favorite power couple–this in depth read (there are spoilers!!!)

6 // krog street market : the latest addition to the atlanta food scene / little tart pictured. the nice part of it being so popular is running into friends while you’re getting dinner & drinks (sometimes they help you find a seat too)

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