monday mood board : january

The new year is not so new anymore. It’s hard to believe that the first month is almost over, but it seems like that’s always the case. It’s off to a good start here in Atlanta, just a little colder than I’d prefer. In between Netflix binges and Snackerdays with my main man, I found some new products, new artists, and new (non netflix) television shows that have me intrigued. I’ve never managed to get my cookies looking so delicious. Maybe this is the recipe–let me know who wants in on taste testing! xx

mood board january

1 // this french product utilizes a notch system in the steel frame to allow end users to hand bend their furniture–think ikea revamped

2 // new year, new inspirations : starting the month off with positive morning moods

3 // really excited for a weekend getaway to charleston–and getting lost in mac & murphy paper store

4 // floral fireworks by sarah illenberger make pops of organic art : flowerwork

5 // the architectural memories of mary laube and “romanticized abstractions”

6 // i hope i can make these cookies as well as broma bakery (and levain)

7 // master chef junior is an incredibly entertaining cooking show where children under 12 years of age make food you’ve never purchased or pronounced. and they pie (or syrup) gordon ramsey on occasion.

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