dine & dish : sun in my belly

It’s Wednesday night baby and I’m alive! Now that GIRLS is back on, it’s hard to stop the references from coming <3

After long and eventful work days, Dane and I decided to go in with Scoutmob for a nice dinner out. We’ve dined at Sun In My Belly during breakfast and brunch, so our first dinner here was a treat. Nestling the streets of Kirkwood, the hanging lights twinkle against the charming decor allowing the darkness of the evening to elevate the restaurant for its day to night transformation. Our server, Ryan was more than helpful, funny, and put up with hysterical laughter throughout the meal (even after my giggle blew out our candle).

interior     menu

D and I reviewed the menu and took to wine pairing suggestions and Ryan’s recs to place our orders. With water in mason jars and wine in hand, we settled upon the Wedge and Geisha Salad to start the meal. Following the salad, meat and potatoes were brought to the table, two ways. D attempted to sell me on the short rib (only so he could share) but alas we stuck to our instincts and he enjoyed his very own plate of the Cocoa + Espresso Braised Beef Short Rib…with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes, yum! I ordered the Sweet Tea Brined Grilled Pork Chop–my heart was set on southern meat with sweet potatoes and citrus spinach to complement the Argentinian red wine. We practice “get em and split em” most of the time at meals out, but this meal was on a “bite for bite” basis ;) Sun in my Belly pleasantly surprised with the generous sized portions–not someplace where you have to order one of every course to fill yourself–but, you can…

salads     entrees

pie & a latte     interior

After a few non-full moments, a oatmeal creme pie and a post dinner latte graced our table. (I was leaning towards the fudge mason jar trifle, but with a strong Ryan recommendation and encouragement from D we went with the pie) SO glad we got it. The sticky meringue, topped with shredded nuts and crisp crust paired perfectly with the gooey filling. D couldn’t help but love the MadMen reference during dessert: “let’s have another cup of coffee, let’s have another piece of pie.” Needless to say, this was a homerun. With just a few bites of the entrees left untouched, we head home with full bellies and happy hearts. Sun is in our belly–too cheesy? Just cheesy enough? Oh well, it’s late.

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