crafting 101

Starting a diy project seen on pinterest can be intimidating. There are always many items needed, usually a trip to Michael’s, and probably at least one failed attempt at the project (I wish mine were perfect on the first try too, practice practice practice). I realized that I reference “my craft drawer” enough that I should clarify the first ten items you should invest in to get your craft drawer started. My art bin (bin, chest, bucket…whichever vessel you can spare for crafts) started in college when it was required for classes. It’s much more manageable now when I’m not forced to decide whether I really need a fifth tube of gauche or if my time would be better spent at the wine bar (hopefully with crepes too, thank you Pauly’s). My sophisticated supplies have since dwindled and morphed into a crafting chest. I started comparing supplies with my roommates past and present–living with creative types the last 5 years has it’s perks–ie. no last minute trips to Michael’s when you need just a little more hot glue mid project. Below is a compiled list that should get you started with projects (at least ones seen here) and not break the bank. Have fun :)

crafting 101

10 supplies to start crafting (in clockwise order):

  1. acrylic paint (you can make everything you need with the primaries–invest in black and white to add depth later on)
  2. paint brushes
  3. sharpies (because they’re permanent and precise and black)
  4. glue pen (seen in tutorials here & here & more to come)
  5. fine glitter (same note as above)
  6. twine (Folly knows how I feel about twine–once you have it, you’ll discover you can use it everywhere)
  7. card stock (nice, thick paper can take a project from blah to bam in a heartbeat)
  8. glue gun
  9. scissors
  10. dirty glass or cup for painting (I wanted the list to be a nice even number…)

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