diy : holiday thank you notes

‘Twas just three days after Christmas and all through the house, just one creature was stirring with glitter all about.

After D and I used a glue pen and glitter galore to tag our holiday gifts, it seemed only natural to carry the theme through for the entirety of the gift giving process. With just a few items found in your craft drawer you can make these personalized, unique thank you cards for those special people.

You will need:

  • card stock and envelopes (quantity varies)
  • red and/or green paint (blue/gold would be beautiful for menorah loving gift receivers)
  • small paint brush
  • paper plate or card board
  • glue pen
  • glitter
  • scrap paper

First, chose a unifying theme (dots, stripes, zig zag, look to pinterest if you need more options) for your cards. I chose stripes–I painted three thick stripes (somewhat evenly spaced out) on each card. Then let dry completely.

items      step 1

step 2     step 3

Next, take your glue pen and write thank you in any way shape or form that is suiting to you or the receiver. Again, I liked to keep one similar element since I had varied colors in my card stock. First place scrap paper down on your writing surface. In cursive, write thank you on the card in the desired location. Pour glitter on the card, shake off the excess glitter and let sit for 10-15 minutes before writing your note. Note: it’s become hard to say (or do) any shake it off reference without thinking about Taylor–here’s easy access for this step of the diy. I aim to at least get them in the mail by New Years so my holiday stamps don’t seem out of date–hopefully you can too. Now you’re done with your holiday gifts and it’s time for New Years!

step 4     ready to send

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