monday mood board : september

As we entered fall last week, my yoga instructor set the intention for the week to slow down. In a busy season with many birthdays, sporting events (there’s no escaping football season in the South–go dawgs), and upcoming holidays to celebrate, it seems like everything is on fast forward. I haven’t quite found it yet, but this coming month I’m focused on slowing down. These images, ideas, projects, and binge of House of Cards are helping the cause :)

september mood board

1. glitter sparkles even more in black and white

2. crossing paths & crossing seasons with this curving concrete architecture

3. getting in touch with your inner moon

4. a little late in the game, but i finally watched & binged through season 1 of house of cards (and any relating articles)

5. dreaming of fall with this pumpkin & sage ravioli recipe—mmm

6. eat white dirt, insight into an old southern relationship to the earth–don’t you want to find out more? help this artist and friend here.

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