a summer in disposables


The other night a few girls and I gathered at Bantam Pub to share stories from their weekend in town and my mini beach vacation. It had only been a few days since we’d seen each other, but who can turn down a fun cocktail hour (especially with these unusually cool summer nights). After asking our waitress to take the last photo on the disposable, it immediately sparked discussion. The group behind us inquired on the cranking then click–“Is that a disposable camera?” “Is this the first time any of you have used one?” “Are there 24 or 36 pictures on the roll?”

Now I know, the Kodak funsaver came with 24 photos (plus a few doubles–thanks CVS). We took a picture with the entertaining new friends, but unfortunately the last picture on the roll was captured moments before. A few new British slang words and witty conversation is all we have to remember the gang.

bantam babes

{last picture of the roll–post sun down & cocktails, no wonder}

I found myself savoring the film for pictures that I did not want to have immediately, but wanted eventually…an obvious internal debate. But, on my recent trip down to Florida I left my iPhone inside and took the disposable down to capture many moments seen through the disposable lens. The idea that someone might be blinking, in poor lighting or just a bad photograph builds the anticipation to make the pictures that much more special. I anxiously awaited the 24 hour turnaround for the pictures to be developed.

photosThe spread of photos above from Gulf Shores, outings in Atlanta, and Panama City Beach, a few of my favorites shown below. As soon as the print-to-CD maker is back in business, I’ll post the full album on fb.

d & umbrella      E funnelling



J funnelling         panama city beach

Next time you see a disposable, try it out. It’s not instant gratification, but you get to keep & share all of the memories with those in your pictures. As someone who loves pictures but rarely gets them developed–I know I’m not alone in the “it’s saved somewhere” mindset–but this is a nice alternative and a fun activity for documenting your endeavors away or around town.


gulf shores {floppy hat & D practicing his blue steel}

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