dine & dish : paolo’s gelato italiano

Ice cream has always been one of my favorite indulgences–until a few summers ago when I discovered GELATO. The summer I spent abroad consisted of at least one gelato a day. I did partake in two-a-days…those days I was in a cold and creamy heaven. Paolo’s Gelato Italiano has been a Virginia Highlands staple for years, but I only recently began to feed my previous gelato addiction. Let’s just say the words “I should start a gelato budget” were uttered last night. It’s getting serious.

gelato #1    gelato #2

{straticella w/ E and nutella w/ D }

{E & D w/ their cones respectively}

E + gelato   D + gelato

Lucky for me, D doesn’t need too much gelato persuasion. With the Atlanta temperatures, a brisk walk to the gelateria is enough to work up some hunger for a sweet treat. I’ve been able to lead E away from the fro-yo across the street and into the neon lights, TRL sounds, and outdoor seating Italian abode.

With an indistinct John Mayer song playing as we entered followed by Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boi donning the ice cream environment, we ordered samples and our cones with a calm and nostalgic piece of mind. So far, my favorites have been pistachio (not pictured, I apologize I’ll snag another one next time around) and the straticella–vanilla cream with hard pieces of fudgy candy. If you’re craving an evening stroll and a cool dessert, check it out!

Note: I promise my gelato visits were about a week apart. My nail polish color is a slight giveaway that I can’t get enough of this place. Essie’s peach daiquiri became an instant summer color for me and I can’t go too long without it coating my nail beds. Also, this place is so authentic that it is CASH ONLY. There’s a Wells Fargo close by, but bring cash so you can enjoy. Hope to see you soon at Paolo’s :)

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