diy : phrase t-shirts // beyonce

I’m clearly on a “phrase” kick, but nonetheless here is another fun word art project, this time for your wardrobe. I saw these great t-shirts from thuglifeshirts that got my wheels turning. After sending the link to all of my friends and discussing which shirt we needed, I began thinking of any funny sayings me and my girlfriends (or boyfriend) use. I’ve been on a MadMen binge with Dane, so any Don Draper (or Pete Campbell) quotes were instant options. But, I was drawn to the QUEEN bee. With the Beyonce show just around the corner, my concert going girls and I put our heads together for the perfect word tee to celebrate Bey in all her glory. We landed upon: I want to bey yonce’ 

shirts      letters


  • t-shirt (fine v neck from american apparel in gray, light green, & light blue–any plain shirt you have is fine too, just wash everything first)
  • iron on letters–be sure to check your phrase for duplicate letters and be sure the pack has everything you need (I bought these from Michaels)
  • iron
  • ironing board
  • tape and paper to make grid & letter layout

tape & giggles       in action

With supplies in hand, begin cutting out the iron on letters. Cut as closely to the letters as possible so you can be sure to make your phrase straight when laying it out. After you’ve cut our your phrase, place the letters on the shirt however you like. We went with a centered phrase. To decide where to place the letters, we tried them on then adjusted the letters using tape. Molly helped me play with the arrangement to be sure the letters fell in the right places, we’re seeing Beyonce after all. Important: if your shirt isn’t pre washed, wash it now! (the letters have a hard time sticking to the new shirt film)

grid       letter layout

First, slide your shirt around the ironing board and heat your iron the the wool. Place a grid around the letters so you can remove the tape and letters while keeping the shape. Iron the desired area inside of the grid. Then reapply the letters face down with plastic side up. Spacing is important here. Place a cloth on top of the plastic backs then iron the cloth covering the desired area for 60 seconds. Turn the shirt shirt inside out and iron the inside of the shirt for 20 seconds. Let the letters cool for a minute (or more) and peel off the plastic backing and be amaaaazed. Stay amazed and enjoy your latest wardrobe addition!

completed shirt

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