diy: phrase banner

Until the past year, my wifi network was always an obscure array of letters and numbers associated with the box. My roommate discovered how to change our network name to something that we could actually remember. What a concept! Fittingly, she chose the name wineanddine.

I’ve been slacking a bit on decorating our apartment and hanging things on the wall. We have somewhat limited wall space at this new place so everything feels much more of a statement compared to the last apartment. Wine and dine so perfectly describes the life my roommate and I like to live so the diy project began. I saw this image on pinterest and loved the (non traditional triangular) banner. Due to a lack of watercolors I looked in my handy craft drawer and found construction paper, clothes pins, and twine.

banner supplies


For this banner you will need:

  • 4 pieces of construction paper
  • clothes pins (I used the tiny ones)
  • twine
  • 2 sheets of tissue paper (floral, patterned, bright colors: you pick)

I started cutting the construction paper into the shape of my choice. I went with a flag like shape and used my first “good” cut out as a stencil for the rest.  I tried a couple flags without the stencil and the shorter squatty ones looked bad in comparison, so stick to one size! Take a sharpie and write your phrase using one letter per flag. To determine the size of the twine/ string, I chose to pick the place I wanted to hang it first. Then, hammered the nails into the wall, measured and cut the twine, and tied it to the nails to create a place to hang. I immediately began to pin the letters to the twine to see if I needed to adjust the string.

I love the concept, but the flags felt lackluster at this point. This piece of printed tissue paper had potential for a back drop and a pop of pattern behind the banner. I cut the paper into slightly larger flags so the pattern would peek through and add some interest to the printed phrase.

tissue paper


complete banner

What phrase do you like for your home? If you have a bigger wall, beware. Some of these shirt phrases are banner worthy as well.

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