weekend wardrobe

For those of you who see me on the weekends, this will come as no surprise. On weekends, I like to be thoroughly comfortable, but not in sweat pants. No one can pull those off outside of your living room. Now that we’re officially into summer, I have to be in clothes that work with the Atlanta HEAT. Today, Molly and I got coffee and got to work on all things internet at Octane. Read this to see how hip this place is. Despite the tangents of evening plans, Kim Kardashian crying phone covers (yes, we saw this in real life), and the man who drinks his coffee sitting like a pigeon at the bar we both accomplished many things on the to do list.


So this is the outfit. It’s comfortable, a good mix of bright/bold colors (without being too much/ to memorable), and fits well. I also call it my “safari chic” look that I strive for at all times. Everything you need in a weekend look.

the outfit

In pieces: shirt  (jcrew, vintage cotton v neck tee), shorts  (banana republic, roll up short), sandals  (an Italian craftsman, my favorite purchase from my study abroad), sunglasses  (ray ban, wayfarer color mix). What do you gravitate towards for your weekend look?

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