dine & dish: osteria 832

Osteria 832 has quickly become one of my favorite places to go in the highlands. I’ve always enjoyed going there, but now that my apartment is a whole two blocks closer to the gluten-filled destination it’s an easy solution when deciding: where to eat? I’m sure some of my lust lies in making up lost time with gluten after my 8 month hiatus sans wheat.

While some may view my restaurant obsessions as a dining rut, I view it as solid patronage. If I like the place, I love the place. I will go there often and suggest it to everyone I know. Hence my Saturday lunch date with Ellyn, then a following Saturday dinner with Dane. Needless to say this weekend, D and I wanted something tasty, filling, and in walking distance (despite the scattered storms). Just a few blocks and through the serene calm after the storm, we arrived. Nestled between the bars on North Highland, Osteria sits back just enough to have a charming patio for its eaters.

osteria outdoors

Due to the weather, we opted to sit on dry seats indoors. Feeling hungry and happy we began ordering our favorites from previous visits: calamari pictured below. D had a hard time with the concept of a caprese salad…but after a few bites, he was sold (even if it wasn’t a true “salad”). Appetizers went quickly. The crispy calamari (and crispy basil) hit the spot, but the caprese salad stole the show in my book. You can’t really beat tomatoes in the summer time. Then add mozzarella, basil, and a fantastic balsamic reduction– and you’re in caprese heaven.


For our main courses, we had no shame. Both keeping our sights on the weekly specials, D couldn’t get his eyes off of the lobster mac n cheese and I had my heart set the white pizza with sausage, broccoli raab, provolone and mozzarella. We wanted cheese, and lots of it (but really, when is that not the case). D and I try to have a “get em and split em” attitude towards our meals so we can both try everything. The lobster mac n cheese was rich, creamy, and the perfect adult version of mac n cheese. Did anyone else grow up with mac n cheese and hot dogs? Imagine that with 15 years experience. It’s out of this world! All of the white pizza here is a go-to of mine. With fresh greens, seared sausage, cloves of garlic, did I mention cheese–it was a melt in your mouth goodness. I think this time D had a tad more of the lobsta, but who’s keeping track… We left full and with leftover pizza for later.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

If you haven’t yet, check out Osteria 832 N. Highland. You’re in for a treat! xx

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