porch diy: before (& inspiration)

For better or for worse, my life as an interior designer forces me to plan every place with full force. While it hasn’t fully taken it’s tole everywhere in this new apartment, this seems like something to be done before summer (and fall). This back porch has lots of potential. A tall wood fence surrounding the deck with a tree in the middle calling to be strung with lights. But how to avoid this HVAC system…? We were hoping the landlord had a new vision as well, but alas, the downside of renting (waiting to hear about a renovation). In the mean time:

Here is our current porch situation. It needs some attention.

photo 1

{bar cart with pots for plants}


photo 2

{wicker seats, eye sore hvac unit, and tree}

Inspiration ideas (from wit & delight, this blog, and this Moroccan exterior)

greeneryrustic meets industrialtwo tone wall

I’m not entirely sure how to incorporate these into our porch…yet. The two tone would be amazing, although I have a feeling our landlord would be a little hesitant about painting. Look to this guide for more detailed descriptions and check lists!

Things we need: waterproof slipcovers for chairs, some sort of table(s) to put drinks and food on, lights (of course)…more to come. I have a feeling I will start adding to this list quickly. Check back in in a few weeks! Hopefully this little space will be a hideaway fit for girls nights, date nights, and most importantly summer nights.

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