how to: bedroom gallery wall

After moving apartments, we’re faced with the exciting task of restyling the new apartment. For better or for worse, I have accumulated a lot of things. From my art school college years and a few trips abroad my roommate and I have a plethora of options to chose from. We had a large gallery wall in our last place, but this living area doesn’t allow enough wall space this time (too many windows). My new bedroom offers high vaulted ceilings–a perfect place for the display. While I like my bedroom to feel soothing to rest, it’s nice to be able to look around and see familiar pieces and memories. It seems like other bloggers are finding the same charm in a bedroom gallery.

gallery wall
First, I chose a few pieces that I knew I wanted displayed (my favorite Matisse poster from my first art exhibit, watercolor images from my summer abroad, and this cool acorn hanging piece my mom gave me). Once those were selected I got to work. Start with your largest piece, then the rest will follow. My main goal was to find a few lines of symmetry within the pieces so the overall wall had continuous lines. As you can see, many of the lines don’t truly line up symmetrically, but enough of the lines of the frame relate to each other to create the common factor. Be sure to have a variety of sizes, shapes, and objects (ie. acorn hanging and Korean spoons) to create a more interesting collage on your wall. With a little room above and below the entire gallery, there’s some room for more as the year goes on! Be sure to leave some extra space for those memories to come–you’ll be happy later ;)

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