monday moodboard: april

I can’t believe April is almost over, but here it is again–time flying! Brightly colored ANYthing and sweet spring time treats are amongst a few things that have been on my mind this month. When the weather is bleak as April tends to be, I’ve been drawn towards bright colors and bold fabrics to add some cheer and warmth to my days.

5 things (well 6)

1/ My mom’s been on a granola kick. I couldn’t be happier to start my day with this Ina Garten rendition.

2/ This colorful room and rug–need in my living room asap (thank you anthro)

3/ Blood orange cubes for mimosas (or any spring time cocktail)…why didn’t I think of this? Coming to a girls brunch soon.

4/ Easter treats– sea salt makes this chocolate even better.

5/ Funny planters for those of use with black thumbs. I’m sure my last basil plants were thinking this last year.

6/ A happy easter walk with my boyfriend. Discovered that I don’t dress like a hiker, but my boots we made for walkin’!

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