dine & dish: book house

book house

Twas the first warm day in weeks and all through Atlanta everyone was out on the streets. D and I ventured along the beltline to the freedom parkway trail. After those few miles we needed to quench our hunger and thirst. One of our favorite pubs in the Highlands area is Book House. With books around the ceiling and cool rock pendent lighting (a theme loosely interpreted by the show Twin Peaks if you’re familiar), it’s welcoming to all who want to sit with a few friends, enjoy unique cocktails and tasty treats. And there has been a celebrity spotting here! James Marsden stopped by while filming Anchorman 2. Clearly, a good place to be!

spicy bleu cheese chips & audrey horne

I discovered the Audrey Horne a few months ago (drink pictured above), since it has been the only drink I’ve consumed at this establishment. The Audrey Horne consists of Yerba Mate Tea and Mint infused Gin, Lemon Juice and Simple syrup so you get a very refreshing feeling afterwards. In addition to the too good to be true drink, we discovered the Spicy Bleu Cheese Chips made from homemade potato chips, bleu cheese, tomatoes, bacon, cilantro, and chipotle sauce. To say that D and I like this is an understatement. I think our waiter summed it up best “Wow, you’re done? The plate is still hot!” If the weather is nice, there’s a front and back patio to enjoy the sunshine of Atlanta.

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