dine & dish: thaicoon suhsi & bar

sushi chefs

My boyfriend discovered this sushi place in Atlanta months ago. After many evenings getting sushi for one, he finally brought me along on his sushi journey. That first time at Thaicoon was the beginning of a new era. We are now regulars at this sushi joint, dining every Sunday to enjoy a cleanse from the weekend and a fresh start for the week. A few inside pointers: the sushi for two is amazing (our go-to order),  Monday and Tuesday they do $1 sushi rolls, and if you get there for an earlier dinner (before 7:45/8…we have a hard time with that usually) you are graced with hot towels to cleanse your hands.

sushi for two

{sushi for two and thaicoon roll}

Sushi for two comes with an appetizer of miso soup or ginger salad for both, 8 California rolls, 8 J.B. roll, and 16 pieces of sushi nigiri. This night our stomachs were more hungry than usual so we ordered their Thaicoon roll as well. You really can’t go wrong a this charming restaurant. Between the excellent food, gracious staff, and tranquil atmosphere, we’re hooked.

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