women’s day weekend

A few girlfriends and I road-tripped to Athens for a quick Saturday getaway. Living in the classic city for four years, we were all excited to relive the fun times we shared with the restaurants and bars of Athens (even Molly as a non-UGA grad). While we were just there 24 hours, it’s safe to say that we made the most of the time we had. Our trip started with crepes and wine for lunch at Pauley’s. With some refreshing wine in our systems, we hit the streets to do a little shopping. We stopped in our favorite boutiques and vintage shops to scope out the trends. With a dress, skirt, and undies (collectively) in tow we were ready to call shopping a wrap.

pink jean beauty

{pink jean beauty found at agora}

From this moment on, we began channeling our inner woman. We headed back for some porch time (wine time) on Meigs Street catching up with our Athens ladies and enjoying the picture perfect day. To say this was a wonderful weekend is an understatement. The combination of good food, fine wine, and girls hit the spot for us all.  Learning that Saturday was International Women’s Day was the tip of the iceberg in our women can do anything weekend. We danced til we couldn’t dance anymore at a Reptar concert and continued the party well into daylight savings time being sure to inform everyone we encountered it was Women’s Day.

women's day

{just bein’ women}

While the place we brunched, Last Resort did not have a women’s day special we enjoyed omlettes, potatoes, and lots of laughs while remembering the night before. On our way back to Atlanta we saw a sign for a puppy sale. Women’s Day Weekend: success.

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