dine and dish: h harper station

Due to popular demand, here is the newest category for this blog. Dine and Dish will take you on a culinary journey through Atlanta (and a few other)’s drinking and eating culture. H Harper Station is an ideal eatery to begin this section.


To kick off a show at Terminal West (that will be a fun music venue to review), we began here for cocktails and snacks. I ordered the Surfer Rosa, one of the most requested drinks on the menu. After a traffic-y ride home from work, I trusted everything the waiter recommended! Friends E and M tasted a Manhattan and Portrait of a bartender to kick off the Tuesday night. {friend’s manhattan shown above}

caramel corn & bacon

You can hardly my cocktail behind this salt lovers dream in front. This caramel corn with bacon and peanuts is one of the restaurants popular (and unique) dishes. I was at a table with vegetarians (I recommend sharing with at least one person) but I managed to finish the majority of the treat. The thick bacon and crisp popcorn created a sweet and surprising combination of flavors to enjoy.

kale salad

For a healthier option, E ordered this delicious kale and quinoa salad. Paired with roasted mushrooms, blood orange, rutabaga, and cashews you can’t go wrong. In addition to the food and drinks, the interior was also a beautiful treat. A historic rail way station turned modernized bar and restaurant, very cool place.


{cheers from R and M}

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