diy: twine it all

For V-day, my boyfriend brought over this beautiful orchid. He knows my love for flowers, so made better by a flower that keeps on living. I inquired about the maintenance immediately (just water once a week, phew). My last green thumb attempt failed miserably. I painted terra cotta pots hoping the pretty decor would make me remember to water the herbs that I planted–no such luck. I’m hoping to redo this experiment at our new place and have a better outcome. Nonetheless, this orchid will be a beautiful addition to our living room. orchid

The brand tag was very stubborn for this pot. I turned it around to hide the eyesore, but thought that adding a little twine to it would be a better long term solution. Since the half dipped look has been so in, I gave it a try with this rugged string. If you don’t have twine in your craft drawer, buy some now! It truly is the most versatile thing you will ever use. A little twine, hot glue, and this project was complete. Happy twining!

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