hot chocolate: to survive the snow jam

Growing up in the south, snow is usually a rare blessing for Atlantans. There was word of snow beginning to fall yesterday morning and the city began to panic. My usual 40 minute commute home took a whopping two and a half hours to arrive back in the highlands. I later learned I was lucky compared to those stranded on the roads and highways through the night. Before the treacherous news of the traffic snow jam really came to light, it seemed an amusing tale of the woes of Atlanta traffic. To wind down after traffic, my roommate and I decided to make adult hot chocolate as soon as we were bundled up in the comfort of our apartment!


{skyy vodka to make it “adult”}

the main ingredient

For this delicious drink, we poured a bit of vodka into our mugs while we brewed some hot chocolate on the stovetop.

milk and cocoa

We found a recipe that called to mix peanut butter into the vodka. I think next time, we’ll add the peanut (or toffee) butter to the stovetop concoction so it mixes thoroughly. LC and I saw this tasty peanut butter on Shark Tank….highly recommend it!

toffee peanut butter

Once your hot chocolate mix is complete, pour into your mug and enjoy. We did :)

hot chocolate

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