jake and linsey’s wedding

The topic of weddings and marriage became much more prevalent this past year. I’m not sure when the switch from being a young college kid to a “grown up” took place, but it seems like it happened over night. To me, 23 (almost 24…eek) seems a tad premature to be asked about marriage, but that is beside the point. For right now, I am thoroughly enjoying being an attendee. A few weekends ago, D and I ventured up to Maryville, Tennessee for the wedding of two of his close friends. We arrived just in time for the rehearsal dinner where D had to practice his role as best man and our two friends warmed up their instruments to practice the ceremony music.

charming chapel

Being a city girl, this chapel warmed my heart. It’s simple and elegant exterior facade merged so nicely with the rolling mountains as a backdrop. The interior reflected the charming sentiment with exposed wood walls, beams, and ceiling. Not being in the wedding, I had plenty of time to fully embrace the beauty while the wedding party rehearsed. However to keep me alert, the coordinator gave me the role as “the cue person” for our musician friends.

me + wedding party

(me + wedding party)

D had the honor of toasting the happy couple at the reception. He had a few hours to practice his toast in the car. He killed it in the car…but it wasn’t quite as well received in the reception ;)

best man speech

We were all happy to be a part of this joyous event. D and I lingered after the reception to enjoy drinks and some pre road trip snacks with the happy couple. Happy wedding weekend xx

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