framed love: wedding gift diy

With a few upcoming weddings on my horizon I wanted to attempt a homemade gift personalized for the bride and groom (and ideally a cheaper option ). I saw this idea on etsy a while ago, so I perused the site to see how others handled the size and materials for this framed gift. To get supplies, my day started with a trip to Michaels, a used book store, and Ikea.

book of choice

You will need:

1 9 x 9 frame (I found this one at Ikea earlier in the week, but any frame that is about 1 inch deep will do)

1 page of meaningful lyrics, a story, or in this case, I used a poetry book I found from a used book store (pictured above)

1 heart stamp (Michaels doesn’t feature it on the website, but it’s something like this)

1 piece of white/ivory/gray card stock

magenta paint

glue stick

frame set up

First, I began setting up my supplies. I glued a white piece of card stock to the back of the frame matte to create a background for my hearts. Then I started skimming the poetry book to find phrases with the words love, heart, kisses, etc. written to cut out my hearts. Initially I thought I could do 4-5 rows of hearts, but I didn’t want to cut the matte and risk it not turning out perfectly straight. So the insert allowed room for 3 rows of 3 hearts–less hearts, less phrases to find!

book paper

Once you have your hearts cut out, paint one magenta. I chose to have some words peaking through the paint, but this is up to the crafter! I also only had fabric paint laying around, so it ended up being a little shinier than I intended…but I don’t mind a little sheen.


Be sure to let this dry fully before you write on it and especially before you put it in the frame. You don’t want to have to clean paint off of the glass…

heart cut outs

Once you’ve selected your appropriate hearts to use (and allowed time for the paint to dry) go ahead and lay out the hearts in a grid to prepare to glue. On the magenta heart, write the initials of the bride and groom with their wedding date below. Since I only had 3 rows of hearts, I chose to place the painted one in the middle of the grid, like so.framed hearts

A personalized wedding gift for $15. Can’t beat that!

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