apron diy

This Christmas, my mom asked for a hand painted apron. With her newly painted kitchen I thought I would make one to match! I started with a trip to Michael’s to get supplies.


You will need:

1 apron

3 different colors of fabric paint

1 small paint brush

Newspaper or magazine pages (to paint on)

floral pocket

I started making loose floral shapes and used some “color theory” to make the most of my 3 colors. My mom likes brighter colors and lots of blue, so I chose accordingly. Magenta, yellow, and blue offered options for vibrant flowers and cool hued greenery.

painting process

I took this opportunity to feel like a true artist and keep a messy easel. After I felt like there was enough floral embellishment (and a faux pocket to match) I began adding stripes to the background. Large or small dots would be fun too!

painted apron

The final product has a blue outline around the entire smock, but I wrapped it as soon as it dried to put under the tree. Hope you had a merry and creative Christmas!

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