a snowboarder was born

This holiday my boyfriend and I decided we would go on a snowboarding trip. Having been once before I wanted to improve my first time attempt at the sport while spending some time in wintery weather before Christmas rang in. D and I drove up to Sugar Mountain, North Carolina to get a taste of snow and a ride on the slopes! We had a bit of a later start to our day when we encountered a snow covered car. But, a quick scrape and we were off to the mountain!

Dane w/ ice on car

Sugar Mountain

Upon arriving at the site, we were ready to get started. I started on the bunny slope and slowly progressed to the “easy street” slope. One of our (now) funny memories came from my anxiety towards the ski lift. The idea of rushing off of the moving chair onto an icy slope seemed terrifying. In my excitement, I managed to lose one of D’s mittens on our first ride to the top. Not the best way to start a nervous run down the mountain.

1 glove, 1 mitten

We opted not to take any pictures the first day out on the snow. I had a feeling I would be sitting in it a lot of the time which did not need to be captured on our iPhones.


Our “performance” boards. I can’t say that they helped me on my first day, but by the second the sleek board was helping me make my way down the mountain with ease. Day number two was significantly colder out…winter weather began.

Snow Bunnies

Snowbunnies on the ski lift!

Second Pair

After our ski lift ride, I managed to lose my SECOND mitten. Neither of us are quite sure how both in that pair escaped to the ski lift. Nonetheless it left D empty handed at the top after graciously giving me his pair of gloves so I could make it down without my hands freezing off. I need a picture of him with his new pair…that will have to be for our next trip!

R and D

It was a merry Christmas Eve indeed :)

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