remembering important person: RIP

Sad news was received yesterday when the world learned that Nelson Mandela had passed. I began reading the plethora of quotes posted on various social media sites…some I had heard before, others I had not. This one resonated with me in particular: It always seems impossible, until it’s done.

nelson mandela

This time of year is always filled with events, deadlines, parties, and rushing around, but I had a nice moment thinking about this quote. When trying to squeeze every last thing you can into the day, it can seem overwhelming and daunting. Mandela reinstates the idea that anything is possible, his life being a true testament to that notion. He fought for what he believed in and inspired millions around the world. He instilled the idea that education will open doors to improvement and people are inherently born to love, so if they are taught to hate then they can be taught to love. Today, I’m taking a few moments to reflect on how I can and will incorporate these values into everyday life. What is your most inspiring Mandela moment?

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