be a tourist!

This Thanksgiving, my cousin from London visited for her first American Thanksgiving. She was in Atlanta for 3 days, so my mom and I took this opportunity to join her in touring Atlanta. She works for the British government, so off to the CNN Center to see the headquarters of news around the world.

CNN Center

The tour began with the worlds longest free standing escalator…aka it’s only secured at the top and bottom. The tour guide informed us of this fun fact after we made it to the top!

Worlds longest escalator

We arrived safely to the top to begin the tour through the studios, the research centers, the control panel…the works! No wonder they have billions of viewers around the world. My mom, cousin, and I took the photo op at a faux news desk to capture the essence of our visit. A successful trip to learn something about my own city! I anticipated learning a lot and being intrigued by the news room, but I did not expect to leave there with such excitement about the news. We left this Atlanta destination for lunch, then made our way to the High Museum to see the latest art exhibit. The “Go West” exhibit just opened featuring art from the western frontier during the mid 1800’s to mid 1900’s. I think my cousin had a full taste of American culture with a heavy emphasis on our city, Atlanta!

photo op

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