gluten free waffles

gluten free waffles

So far, I’m a week and a half into the gluten free eating and it hasn’t been too bad! Aside from missing the occasional Chickfila chicken nuggets…I’m managing. But this weekend, I woke up wanting something sweet, bready, and filling–a waffle! Lucky for me, I’m trying this trend when going gluten free is a “big thing.” You can search gluten free anything online and come up with many results. I found a recipe for quinoa waffles here:

I discovered that you can make your own infused syrup in college. Step one: combine berries and syrup in small pot over medium high heat. Step two: wait a few minutes until mixture bubbles and begins to change colors. Step three: reduce heat and let berries continue to flavor the syrup. An instant restaurant feel to your homemade gluten free waffles!

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