stained sweater solution

stained sweater solution

What to do with a stained sweater? I wish I could say that I never spill anything and am always ever so graceful; however, I have many clumsy moments. So, when my favorite sweater got a stain on it earlier this year, I tried everything to get it out. Now I know that avacado stains…lesson learned. This weekend, I finally found a way to hide the stain and still wear the sweater! For better or for worse, I wear a lot of neutrals. Looking in my closet, I found a similar colored shirt (this one is sheer, even better) and wore it on top of the sweater, thus covering the stain. With opposing lengths, I tucked them both into a  floral skirt to show only the shorter length. In this case, the shirts have the same neckline…like I said, creature of habit. As long as the outermost shirt has a smaller neckline you can get away with it! When your favorite sweater bites the dust, what do you do?

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