do it yourself saturday

Before and After- Bedside TablesI woke up on this rainy Saturday in Atlanta and decided it was time have a crafty day. I finally got around to the bedside tables I found in the recycling at my complex. A month (or probably three) ago, I saw these tables and thought they would be nice upgrade from my one large end table beside my bed…just in need of a face lift. A few months ago, my boyfriend asked me how long we would have to date until he had his own bedside table at my place. The answer: 2 years. It took me long enough, but I think they turned out well! Recently, things that are asymmetrical have really caught my eye. They seem to create an unexpected balance out of their differences. So with just sand paper, a “test” size of paint from home depot, a few additional colors we had from previous painting, and a few spare hours to let paint dry–here is the final product! A set of asymmetrical tables or “his and hers” if you will. I think D will be happy about his new piece in my room.

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